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Since Dr. Bellovin's website can't contain everything concerning the field of cardiology, we have provided helpful links to other websites. They're great sources to gather additional information about cardiology. Please remember, though, that these are independent sites, and that Dr. Bellovin is not responsible for their content.

Online Journal of Cardiology
- The Online Journal of Cardiology, produced by McGill University, offers information that will be valuable to both patients and medical professionals. The site contains learning exercises and excellent graphics. 
American College of Cardiology
- Health care professionals and the general public can access the resources at this site. Browse publications, programs and products, read the latest heart-related news and find out more about advocacy programs. 
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology 
- While encouraging professional education, this society promotes research and clinical excellence in nuclear cardiology. The site shares news, publications and general information about the field.
Heart Information Network
- This comprehensive educational Web site includes a Q&A library, heart news and information, patients' stories, a glossary of heart-related terms and details on products and services.
- This directory provides links to free information about heart attack prevention, diagnosis, recovery, treatment, drugs and alternative remedies. 
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
- Patients, health professionals and educators can read information on heart and vascular diseases, get the latest news and press releases, locate studies seeking patients and find out more about research funding. 

World Heart Federation 
- Catch highlights of activities currently underway within this association, which promotes the study, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. The site includes publications and links to international subgroups. 

American Heart Association
- Dedicated to providing you with education and information on fighting heart disease and stroke.
Medscape Cardiology
- Informative website directed to patients.

American Heart Assocation


 Heart Information Network


World Heart Federation


American College of Cardiology - Cardiology

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